Sé Tú

Sick and tired of searching for your size and then it never fits anyway, a 16 in one shop a 20 in another, clothes to cover your shape but hardly anything stylish, the same experience time and time again, it’s boring and soul-destroying, well we’ve had enough! The culmination of years of this has kick-started a revolution…..

Sé Tú is taking back the reins, we provide clothes that reflect a love of life, to be seen in all our beauty, elegant, bold, comfortable and just downright beautiful. But this isn’t where we stop, gosh no, we have ripped up the definition of size!

Our labelling reflects colour and not size, we are all beautiful as all colours are beautiful, so we are labelling our clothes with colour, it’s not complicated and we will be there to guide you on your first visit, you enter a new way of shopping at  Sé Tú.

Sé Tú is bold, positive, caring and innovative; everyone should look and feel beautiful, no matter what their size or shape. Each one of us is special, we all deserve to be treated equally.

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Avinguda del Trenc d’Alba 13

+34 722 601 534

+34 722 601 534